PointMaster V3.5

The Basis Modul
The basis modul consists on all tools you need for a frictionless Reverse Engineering process.
"Whithout the known dead ends" The most functions are supported with automatisms. Fantastic is the easy of use with PointMaster. It is possible to learn PointMaster in 3-hours.

The Surfacing Modul
Reverse Engineering - interaktive and fast-
The user sketches interactively a topological edge. The Geometry navigator of PointMaster calculates then automatically perfect curves and surfaces. All the single surfaces can be connected to C2 with only a button press. An advantage of PointMaster is the visual support. With the help of its interactive feature shading it is possible to detect artefacts and discontinuity, as well as the form controll lines that are important for the construction of the surfaces.

The Verification Modul
PointMaster Quality control - accurate, fast and clear -
The verification module is used to compare a pointcloud with a CAD-model. This can be a surface (CAD) model, a STL-file or an other pointcloud. The result of this comparison is a defect color view of the part which visualizes the dimensional differences. "Like a Virtual CMM".
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